Cat Slow Feeder (Anti-Vomiting)

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Let your furry friend enjoy their meal happily and healthily!

Most cats love to eat, but the thing is they finish their food in 0.01 seconds!

Pet owners should pay more attention to cats that are prone to bloat.

As cats age, their bodies change, and their vomit may be a way to tell you if those changes are normal or abnormal. Although cat vomiting might be due to eating too much or too fast.

A cat who eats too quickly or overeats may end up vomiting. This problem is common in multi-cat homes where cats are fed together and feel like they need to compete for the food bowl. Vomiting can also be the result of an abrupt diet change, or vigorous activity following a meal.

It's important to feed your cat a healthy diet but the way you feed them and how fast they eat and digest their food also has a big impact. That is why we created the Cat Slow Feeder.

This Cat Slow Feeder slows down eating time and aids digestion up to 10 times! It is designed like a maze, your cat will love maneuvering their mouth over the playful patterns!


  • PREVENTS CHOKING & OVERFEEDING - With the puzzle base & rotating feeder it allows them to eat at a stable paste up to 10x slower to prevent choking, overfeeding, and bloating that can lead to vomiting.


  • IMPROVES DIGESTION - Naturally improves digestion by allowing your pet to forage for their food through the fun patterns and mazes.
  • IMPROVES HEALTH - Helps by keeping your pet active and engaged which stimulates the brain and body the most crucial parts for longevity.


"I bought this for my cat that eats too fast and then vomits on the rug. 

This feeder is really easy to use, slap this bad boy on the ground, then slap some food on top.

The food then falls into the areas making it so the cats can only eat small portions at a time rather than shoving their fat faces in like a pig trough.

 I would recommend to anyone experiencing similar problems or trying to slow down your cats eating." 


  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: About 24x18cm


  • 1 x Cat Slow Feeder
  • Color: GREEN

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